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Day 12 – One great day!!!

by on Jun.13, 2009, under Cali or Bust!

Today has been a pretty good day! I have found out that I absolutely love Wyoming! We went a little over 500 miles today.


We left Salt Lake City this morning around 9 am and headed for what we thought would be Nebraska. Along the way in Utah, there were some really beautiful scenic overlooks.


IMAG0280 100_0700IMAG0281 IMAG0282 IMAG0283 IMAG0284  100_0701

When we got into Wyoming, we decided to stop and eat at a Golden Coral.. But, before we could eat we had to get some gas.. Guess where we stopped?!

IMAG0285 IMAG0286 

If you look at the signs.. Kum and Go, liquor, and a good times tavern…. What more do they need?! hehehe!!! ;)



While we were eating at Golden Coral, we met a really cool guy that likes to tour on his motorcycle. He gave us some really good pointers on what to see and where to go… and that is where our route changed LOL! Instead of going to Scott’s Bluff Nebraska to the Agate Fossil Beds, we decided to go to the Wyoming Dinosaur Museum in a town called Thermopolis.

The scenery was absolutely beautiful going through Wyoming. We only ran into a little bit of rain, but it wasn’t a big deal since I had my Frog Togg suit! Here is some more of my flash photography and what not! (Check out the cool looking clouds in some of them. We were so high up in elevation, it looked like we could reach out and touch them!) In some of the pictures, you can see snow on the mountain tops to the left of us.

IMAG0311 IMAG0312 IMAG0313 IMAG0314 IMAG0288 IMAG0289 IMAG0290 IMAG0291 IMAG0292 IMAG0294 IMAG0295 IMAG0296 IMAG0297 IMAG0298 IMAG0299 IMAG0300 IMAG0310


Somewhere along the way, we stopped at a place called the Red Canyon; it was a great view too!

IMAG0301 IMAG0302 IMAG0303 IMAG0304 IMAG0305 IMAG0306 IMAG0307 IMAG0308 IMAG0309 100_0705 100_0706 100_0707 100_0708 100_0702 100_0703 100_0704

When we got into Thermopolis, we had a really hard time finding a place to stay, everything was booked. To make a long story short, we found a really nice – cheap – odd ball hotel to stay at that is close to everything. Other than the Dinosaur Museum, there is also a wax and a veterans museum close by. The state park was absolutely beautiful, I could have stayed there all day. There were hot springs everywhere, bison viewing areas, places to fish… Anyway, I was very excited when I saw my first buffalo!!! It was awesome! All of the adults were very protective of the babies, I thought they were going to ram a car on its side when it got too close to them!

IMAG0316 IMAG0319IMAG0320 IMAG0321 100_0709 100_0710 100_0711 100_0712 100_0713 100_0714 100_0715   100_0718 100_0719 100_0720 100_0721 100_0722 100_0723 100_0724 100_0725 100_0726 100_0727 100_0730 IMAG0315

In this picture you can see glacier trails!


You can see the town that we are staying at in this picture.


Here’s some more animals that were in the park and also an old spring hole.

100_0731 100_0732 100_0733 100_0734

and, some blue flowers that I thought were really pretty!

IMAG0317 IMAG0318


Well, that’s all for now! Tomorrow we are going to the dinosaur, wax, and veterans museums, then heading to Rapid City South Dakota to camp in the black hills ( I probably won’t have Internet access to post).

Leave me some comments!!!!!

g ‘night!

8 Comments for this entry

  • Sarah's Mom

    Fantastic pic’s! Glad the weather is so much better for you today. Yep, ‘em r buffalo’s! Wow, it surprises me how close you could get to all the animals. Enjoy the museums and ride safe to South Dakota! Love ya, Mom :)

  • Daddy Nodirt

    Now that is what I call scenery ! Really enjoyed all of the pics and glad you got a frog suit. Won’t worry so much about you getting wet from here on.

    I think the guy gave you some good advice on where to go and should be interesting.

    Looking forward to your next posting.

    You and Rick be safe and have a great time.

    Love and prayers,
    Daddy Nodirt

    I would have been just a little bit leary riding my bike through those buffalo :-O

  • Jeff

    I always wanted to take a train to the Big Sky country of Wyoming and Montana. Blacks Hills sounds fun too. Check out the Little Big Horn.

  • Autumn

    The house and babies are fine. I looked in the closet and couldn’t find a weekend feeder for the fish. I’ll pick one up today and run it back over there. Fuzzy and Hairy are starved for attention, June could care less LOL. Cadburry, Mr. Piggy and Sylvia are good too. Sylvia is doing better with the dry food. I’ve still got enough supplies for all of them but if I happen to run out before you get back I’ll get what they need and put it on your tab LOL…..

    To Daddy Nodirt—Hello and I blowed at your house when I went by again last night.

    To Mommy Nodirt—Hello to you too and I’m gonna have to come meet you with Sarah one of these days.

    Lets see what else? Oh yeah, I talked to Ashley for a min and her surgery went well and she’s doing good.

    Brian and Skippy said to tell ya HI.
    We all love and miss you girl.

    Well, I guess that’s about it. I’ll check back on ya later. And again don’t worry about a thing, we got it covered.


  • Sarah's Mom

    Hi again Sarah! I just wanted to tell you what aweome friends you have! Everyone gives you and Rick such helpful information and ideas. And, Autumn, you are a doll for helping with the fuzzy babies, the house, and always being so faithful to the official Sarah Nodirt Fan Club! I salute you! lol
    I would LOVE to meet you any time!! Hugs, Elizabeth Webb (a.k.a. (and most importantly as)Sarah’s Mom)! :)
    Love you Sarah…Have fun and be careful!

  • Tony

    Very cool!!! Bet you miss green mts huh?

    At least your seeing animals from tis continent now!!!

    Keep the pics coming…

  • Dick

    Wonderful pictures! How did you take the curved pictures? Was it a fish-eye lens, or did you photograph the image in your rear-view mirror? Red Canyon is aptly named. I wondered if the red is clay, or rock.

    That gas station, & tavern name is a hoot! I am glad you found a break in the weather, but I still do not know what Frog Toggs are. Rain gear?

    Bison appear to be much larger than cattle. Like your dad, I’d have been nervous riding an mc down that road. You can tell what a scared or ignorant critter might do. In one of your pictures, there is a baby critter that looks more cow than bison. Is that a bison, too? I’ll be looking forward to the dinosaur pics.

    I have a comment I forgot to post a day or two back. I like the sticker on your sissy bar, ’cause it made me smile.

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