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Day 14 on the road…

by on Jun.15, 2009, under Cali or Bust!

Today was a very long day.. We went over 590 miles today!!!

I’m pretty exhausted tonight, so I’m going to make this short for now and add more onto it tomorrow morning (just wanted to let you all know we are fine LOL).

We went from South Dakota to Nebraska today. We saw Mount Rushmore, Crazy horse, and wall drug.

100_0780 100_0781 100_0782 IMAG0374 IMAG0375 IMAG0376

Crazy Horse

IMAG0378100_0785 100_0784 100_0786

Wall Drug (see the jackalopes and kangaroos there guys!!!!)

100_0787 100_0788 100_0789 100_0790

Some of Rick’s flash photography :P

100_0793 100_0794 100_0795 100_0791 100_0792

Well, that’s about all I can put up right now.. I’ll add more onto it later!

g’night for now..


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  • Daddy Nodirt

    Lots of driving and good pics ! Think I could have spent a lot of time in the Wall Drug.

    Glad Jackalope did not have reigns or you would have ridden it ! That’s daddy’s girl, she can ride anything LOL.

    Be safe and check on you later before work.

    Love and prayers,
    Daddy Nodirt

  • Autumn


    I’m glad you gave us an update, was gettin a little worried. Every time I checked the map yesterday, it still showed you guys in South Dakota. I wasn’t sure what was goin on……

    Oh, I forgot to tell ya, last night when I was at the house I checked the fridge (stole a bagelful) lol. The temp in the fridge and freezer were jacked up. I don’t know if you did something before you left or what, but anyway all the bottles of water and stuff in the fridge were frozen solid! I changed the temp settings back to normal, so hopefully everything is ok now.

    Tell Rick he looks just a little bit too happy sittin next to that new woman of his LOL. Call me tonight when you get a chance.

    Love ya

  • Jeff

    I knew youd find a jackalope…

  • Sarah's Mom

    Wow, almost 600 miles, no wonder you are so tired. Thanks for letting us know you are OK! What awesome photo’s! Looks like you got close to the Presidents. Glad you both had fun at Wall Drug! Yep, you finally did get a pic with a jackalope and kangaroo! LOL Be careful and ride safe. Love and hugs, Mom :)

  • Dick

    Good detail on the pics of Mt. Rushmore. If you look closely, there is something odd on George W.’s left hair curl. I had read that Rushmore is undergoing some repair work for cracks, etc. The oddly shaped inem could have something to do with inspection or repair.

    I never knew there was a monument to Crazy Horse. Also, there is a tunnel to the other side of the mountain, and scaffolding on top of his head. Is this carving finished, or is it still under construction.?

    I had never heard of Wall Drug until Sarah mentioned it as a point of interest, but it does look interesting. I’d seen paintings of jackalopes, but the real thing is much larger than I imagined. :)
    I thought the kangaroo was a rabbit until your other commentators said it was a kangaroo.

    Rick is too tired to be interested in that dance hall gal. LOL

  • Tony



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