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Day 15 on the road…

by on Jun.15, 2009, under Cali or Bust!

Here is an update of today and yesterdays events


Yesterday was pretty good. The KOA that we stayed at was awesome, I miss the log cabin already! I was trying to soak up every last minute I could at the cabin before we left! LOL!


We ate breakfast at the Ponderosa Restaurant on the campground; believe it or not, we had buffalo sausage links (they weren’t bad)!! After breakfast, we took off to Mount Rushmore. We didn’t pay to go in, we found some spots on the side of the road to take pictures. We went to Crazy Horse next, that is one massive work in progress. The nose on the face alone seems to be as big as Mount Rushmore all together!!! This picture might be able to help you understand the size of this monument, the guard gates in the picture are over 1/4 of a mile away!!!! The next picture is zoomed in as far as the camera would go!

IMAG0377 100_0785

Next up was Wall Drug, I thought that place was pretty neat.  There were people everywhere (yuck), a million different kind of shops to see, and just when you thought you had seen it all; you discover there is a “back yard” with dinosaurs and jackalopes and what not LOL!!! Here is a little map from Wall Drug’s website to give you a little idea of what there was.

I also got some souvenirs from there :D (yep, I’m bringing a jackalope home HEHEHEHE)

IMAG0382 IMAG0383

When we left Wall Drug, we headed to Amanda’s house in Nebraska, it was like 490 miles from there.. I didn’t think we were going to make it, but we did. We got there at like 12am! Amanda  (A.K.A. HyoHotMama) is a friend that I met from the ACD forum. She has the same bike that I have – I mean same color and everything – other than hers is two years older than mine. She let us crash at her house and hang out with her family, it was a good time.. She even made us home made spaghetti and crepes and eggs and everything! She has a dog named Ginger that absolutely loved us (I think she liked Rick a little more cause he rough housed with her LOL), I would have took her home in a heart beat!!!!  And incase you don’t know her, she served our country in the Navy!!!! This is Amanda.


We left Amanda’s house around noon today and decided to head for home, which was 940miles away; however, about 200 miles in, we decided to head towards Kentucky to the Creation Museum LOL.  We didn’t make it too far after that though, I started feeling really bad. My throat is so sore and swollen it hurts to even touch my neck. I don’t know what is going on but it hurts.. I’m going to try to make it a couple more days to get home to my doctor (don’t worry, I’ll be ok!!!) So Rick being the concerned caring person he is decided to find a nice hotel to stop at. Here are some pictures of my first Jacuzzi room hotel!!!!!! :D

IMAG0384 IMAG0385

That’s about all for today.. I’m going to go to bed early and get some rest.

Tomorrow we are heading to the creation museum, it’s about 511 miles from here.

The next day we are coming home, we will only be about 245 miles from home at the museum! That will probably put us home by 3 or 4pm.

By the way, for those interested.. We are at 6000 miles today!! by the time we get home we will probably be at 7,000 all together!!! We should have signed up with Iron Butt, we would have all kinds of stuff!!!!

Goodnight for now!

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  • Daddy Nodirt

    Me again !

    I figure that all the hot and cold you have been through along with being soaking wet, etc, has contributed to your ailment. Hope the rest and hotel room did you some good. Worry about you and Rick.

    Glad you are almost home and I know that Mamaw will breathe as big a sigh of relief as I will upon your return.

    Glad you two are having a great time and have enjoyed watching your progress.

    Tell Rick I said Howdy and you two take care.

    Love and prayers,
    Daddy Nodirt

  • Daddy Nodirt


    Can you tell me why there are periods on the map where there are no blue arrows and only a straight black line ??? That kind of confused me and could not figure it out.

    Take care,
    Daddy Nodirt

  • Sarah

    We’ve been having trouble with the “Track Me” programs on our phones. When we lose signal or it can’t connect to a satellite, you see the black line.

  • Tony


  • Dick

    I wish that you are well in the morning. By morning, you probably know if your throat is the result of allergies, or not. There is an OTC throat spray containing a few % phenol that deadens the nerves in your throat. I want to say “Chloroseptic”, but I am not sure. It works well for a few hours of sore-throat relief, and can be used often if needed.

    Thanks for the extra info’ about the Crazy Horse monument. I thought I’d read about it taking a long time before it is finished, at least one man’s lifetime. I remember a drawing showing Crazy Horse sitting on a horse. It is refreshing to find my memory still works, sometimes. : )

    If you aren’t feeling well in the morning after using OTC drugs, change your daily destinations to take it easy on yourself. There is no real need to go 511-mi Tuesday if either of you are feeling badly!

  • Sarah's Mom

    Hey Hon, I was worried about you getting sick when you wrote about the changing temperatures and being soaked. I’ll be praying for you and Rick to get home safely and have a quick recovery. Please let us all know when you get back.
    It’s great to read about your friend Amanda and her dog, Ginger. I’m so glad you got to visit and rest up a bit there. I have much appreciation for her serving this Great Country of ours.
    I love that pic with you at the cute cabin! I wish someone could have taken a pic with both of you sitting on the porch!
    Thanks for updating us on Mt. Rushmore and Crazy Horse. The photo’s are great!
    I’d never heard of a Wall Drug before. It looks like a fun place to explore. Thanks for including a map. Now, how did I know you would find and take home a jackalope! LOL
    I’m so glad Rick is watching out for you and stopping early so you could get some rest. Tell Rick I think he’s GREAT! I hope he is feeling alright.
    Be careful and ride safe.
    Love and hugs to you both, Mom :)

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