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Day 9.. Takin’ it easy!

by on Jun.09, 2009, under Cali or Bust!

Today has been a really nice day. We decided to stay at the hotel here in Fallon for another night and rest up today!

We traveled around town here for about 100 miles. We went to the Grimes Point Archeological Area where we saw petro glyphs and some hidden caves.

IMAG0254 IMAG0255 IMAG0256 IMAG0257 IMAG0258 IMAG0259 IMAG0260 IMAG0261 IMAG0262 IMAG0263 IMAG0264 IMAG0265 IMAG0266 IMAG0267 IMAG0268 IMAG0244 IMAG0245 IMAG0246 IMAG0247 IMAG0248 IMAG0249 IMAG0250 IMAG0251 IMAG0252 IMAG0253

After that we headed to the Pony Express station and Desert observation area. There were lots of lizards there, I wanted to take them all home! :P

100_0699 100_0694 100_0693

Today, other than being lazy; I washed all of our clothes, Rick checked the bikes out (adjusted his valves, fixed my exhaust, etc.), and I planned our route out for the next few days a little bit better. Here is what our map looks like, just kind of guessing where we are interested in going.


As of today, we are in Fallon, Nevada.

Day 10: Salt Lake City –Salt Lake and maybe go down to the Bonneville salt flats

Day 11: Denver Colorado (crossing the rocky mountains)

Day 12: Nebraska and South Dakota (Agate Fossil Beds, Crazy Horse, Mt Rushmore, Black Hills, Wall Drug, & Badlands)

Day 13: Fort Leavenworth?? (or somewhere on the Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, and/or Nebraska state lines… or Hyo Mama’s yard in Omaha!)

Day 14: St Louis Missouri – The arch

Day 15: Home with two play days to spare!

All of those days are divided up into about 500 miles in between attractions, so it shouldn’t be any worse than what we have been riding.

FYI!!!! The tracking site won’t let us upload pictures as we go – it has been like that since the last two time zones. Maybe tomorrow it will let us post again?

@ HyoHotMama, To_Ashes, Connors Nanna, and B’sDarlin: thanks for following me and leaving the comments! Hyo mama I’ll email/call you when we get closer to Omaha! Do I have anymore ACD followers????!!!!!

I guess that’s all for now, hopefully more tomorrow from Salt Lake City! (Or wherever the Garmin takes us LOL)


5 Comments for this entry

  • Tony

    Rock on!!! Taking a bit of a break is a good idea.
    I don’t think you can bring any lizards/kangaroos or any other wildlife home with you!!! Keep the pics coming. If you got two extra days as a spare maybe don’t push so hard. Take it easy, be safe and enjoy the ride.
    Sturgis is in South Dakota ya know!!

  • Sarah's Mom

    Grimes Point looks fasinating! Lizards…eewwwwwwww! But that’s my girl, always loving the animals! lol Your map looks awesome with all the wonderful sites to see, esp. Mt Rushmore! I’m glad you both are taking a much needed rest and checking on the bikes. Have fun and stay safe. Love, Mom :)

  • Daddy Nodirt

    Hi Kiddo,

    Just returned to WV from NC. We had a good time. Took Brenda to Pisgah Forest and a few other places not nearly as interesting as yours.
    Loved the pics and catching back up with you. You should be getting comments from Aunt Millie and her beau.
    Zebras and cows huh ? Does that make the offspring Zows or Cowbras ? LOL
    Anyway glad you are having a good safe trip and indeed you are not just doing this just for yourself as we are all taking the trip we could not take with you. Live the dream and have no regrets later in life.
    Got to unpack now and get settled. Will post more later. Tell Rick I said Howdy !

    Love and prayers,
    Daddy Nodirt

  • Autumn

    Checkin in again… I’m glad you guys took a break and are ready to head back. Don’t be in any hurry tho… all it has done here and expected to do is RAIN!….Anyway, same as always with the babies, they are just fine. We’ve become sooo attached to them. Brian even tells them byebye when he leaves for work LOL. Don’t worry, we will give them back to ya. Although, we may request visitation or make some kind of shared parenting arrangement LOL. I haven’t talked to Ashley today but I’m getting ready to call her and check about the keys.
    If there is anything else you need me to do or check on just leave me a msg or call me.

    We love ya girl!

    I’ll check on ya later

  • Petit

    It looks like the return trip with the northward detour covers a lot more road than the trip west. I am viewing this on the night of 11Jun, but it is already 12Jun09. Your posting wasn’t available to me on 10Jun or the early morning of 11Jun, even with a URL refresh.

    The bikes seem to be holding-up well. I’m glad for that. I zoomed-in on several of your stopping points, around what the map said was Ely NV on Ricks Tracking site. As I remember, the resolution was maybe 100-ft/inch. I could see a circle at the end of a road, but could not tell why the circle was there. The detail in the zoomed imagery was impressive.

    The rest stop was well deserved, & I hope refreshing. Wishing continued good luck & a safe return for the two of you. ‘Bye for now.

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