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Geopalooza 2009

by on Jul.27, 2009, under Lake Eerie

We went, we saw, and we conquered at Lake Erie for the second annual Geopalooza!

Rick and I towed the Hybrid Metro to the event this year. The van averaged around 15mpg on the way there and back!

IMAG0464 IMAG0465

We took the Xbox 360 and the Super Nintendo and hooked them up in the van!

IMAG0467 IMAG0486

We took a lot of stuff this year since we had so much room!


Here is the first great sign that we saw! (metro parks)


driving.. driving.. and driving some more!

IMAG0469 IMAG0470

Finally at the campground!!!!

IMAG0484 IMAG0485

Exploring the first day.. Went to the “beach” and site seeing!

IMAG0473 IMAG0478 IMAG0474 IMAG0479 IMAG0475 IMAG0471 IMAG0476 IMAG0472 IMAG0477 100_0802 100_0803

The next day people started showing up and filling the camp ground with metro’s!

IMAG0480 IMAG0481

Setting the metro up for people to see!

IMAG0483 IMAG0482

The next day (Saturday) was the big meet.. METROPALOOZA!!!!

IMAGE_536 IMAG0496 IMAG0506 IMAGE_512 IMAGE_517 IMAGE_537 IMAG0497 IMAG0507 IMAGE_513 IMAGE_518 IMAGE_533 IMAG0498 IMAG0508 IMAGE_514 IMAGE_519 IMAG0487 IMAGE_515 IMAGE_535 IMAGE_540 IMAG0488 IMAGE_516 100_0816 100_0817 100_0815

A big thanks to Johnny’s wife!


The food was great!

IMAGE_528 IMAGE_529 IMAGE_511 IMAGE_521 IMAG0489 IMAGE_522 IMAGE_510

Some pictures of everyone that was there!

IMAGE_531 IMAG0490 IMAGE_523 IMAGE_524 IMAGE_534IMAG0495  IMAG0494IMAG0499  IMAGE_520 IMAGE_525 IMAGE_526IMAGE_530  


There was some great entertainment from one of the local tribes.

IMAG0504 IMAG0505

These were taken at the palooza.. The lake was cold!

IMAG0500 IMAG0501 IMAG0502 IMAG0503  100_0820 100_0821 100_0822 100_0801 100_0804 100_0805 100_0806 100_0807 100_0809 100_0810 100_0811 100_0812 100_0813 100_0814 100_0818 100_0819

Me enjoying the show! (and taking pictures LOL)

100_0823 IMAGE_538

The final night.. Big party!!!!


Me and Mona getting into the Soco!


And last but not least. A BIG thank you to “Johnny Mullet” for putting this thing together! Can’t wait till next year!

IMAGE_532 IMAG0491

Here is the photo album view of all the pictures I took during the trip incase I missed any!

3 Comments for this entry

  • Dick Petit

    Nice pictures of a pretty place to see! That campground looks like a fairly narrow finger of land with beach all around. Almost the ocean, except freshwater. Does it smell like the ocean? Does the wind blow continuously?

    Thanks for sharing the experience!

  • Autumn

    I been waiting on u to post!!!!Love the pics

  • Mona

    Hey girl loved the pictures. Really enjoyed myself the past weekend. I am really looking forward to next year. Hubby says we might come for a longer period, so maybe spend an extra day or two next year. Keep in touch and I will check back here often for new photos of all your adventures. P.S. Tom says he really wants to come visit so will have to put our heads together and figure out when and for how long. Talk to you later, HUGZZZZZZZZZZZ!

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