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Florida or Bust.. Day 1 and 2

by on Nov.21, 2009, under Florida or Bust!

Rick and I decided to take a trip to Key West, Florida on the motorcycles. We both are taking our DR650’s.

Day 1

We left Man, WV around 9 am and headed towards Gilbert to follow rt 52 into Bluefield. We made good time until we hit the interstate. Rick had put a brand new Pirelli back tire on his bike before we left… Well, that tire wound up going flat.. :0(

No sooner than we pulled off the road a Virginia state trooper stopped us and told us that we either needed to speed it up, or go get someone to help us… Sooooo, we sped it up. Rick made it about four blocks down the road when the tire started smoking, bike was a’ jerkin, and then it came off the rim.

I took off up the road to a truck stop where I rounded up someone with a pick up truck to help us… Only to find that the garage he took us to and dropped us at couldn’t help us…. Sooooo.. There was an Aussi preacher Christian dude there at the truck stop who decided that he could help us (thank goodness :) He took us to the local motorcycle shop where we got a new back tire. Here are some pics of the kitties at the shop!

Princess Kitty


Big Momma


Here is the useless Pirelli tire… Boooo…


and the new tire.. Dunlop… Yayyyyy….


The first day we went over 600 miles and stopped around 11pm twenty minutes from the Florida border.

Day 2

We left the hotel in Georgia around nine am. It was a pretty interesting day. We rode all day at a pretty constant speed, until we came up on a police chase (the suspect crashed the car) that had the interstate at a stand still. We decided that after we saw motorcycles splitting the lanes, that we would give it a go…. LOL.. we rode through traffic for what seemed like thirty minutes when we finally came to the wreck. Guess the spike strips got him, hehehe….

Later on towards the evening we were smack in the middle of Miami.. Andddddd it was horrible.. Drema, if you are reading this, i can relate on the “my ass is bleeding” thing LMAO!!!!  Traffic was bumper to bumper, people not knowing where they wanted to turn, or where that gas pedal was, or something. I think I saw rubber necking at its worst… I thought people just forgot how to accelerate at red lights but come to find out they were gawking at a fire truck on the side of the road. shew…

So after I calmed myself down from the horrible traffic mess.. We were on to the bridge that takes you through the keys…. It was awesome, but, i bet its even more awesome in the day light lol. Along the way, I saw a crocodile crossing sign.. I was hoping i would find a gator so I could take a picture (re dead kangaroo in NM) , but i had no luck.

Come to find out, deer’s are endangered species in the keys… Wish  WV could give them some!!! So anyway, apparently according to the sign “speed kills deer” and they dropped the speed limit from 65mph on a straight flat road, to 35mph.. It must not have helped much, cause the tractor trailer in front of us smooshed one lol…

So we made it to the hotel around ten pm this evening and are ready to crash for the night. Here are some pics until later.


100_0912 100_0910 100_0911 100_0917 100_0916 100_0915

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